Friday, June 8, 2012

15x15~ Day Eight + Awkward and Awesome


Sorry for the fuzzy pics today, I left my real camera at home, and wasn't home very much. So, you get cell phone pictures today! =)

Three of the 15 today!
Cardigan and maxi skirt: JCPenny
Shoes: Black flats (re swapped for brown flip flops!)
Belt: ShopKo, Bracelets: Target and little sisters, Earrings: Kohls


~Toes, I mean, have you ever stared at them for a really long time? WeIrD! =P

~Being called to pick up the wrong kid from school....I was very happy I didn't have to deal with a barfing kid, but I did feel bad for the poor little guy who was sick, now he had to wait even longer for his Mom!

~The bad mood I've been in all week, if you couldn't already tell from the complaining, whoa is me tone to my posts all week!

~Picture this.....getting a bunch of things from eBay all on the same day......they all fit wonderfully.....and you can't wear them!! All because you restricted yourself to just 15 pieces of clothing for another week, akkkk!!!! At least I have something to look forward too!


~Shhhh, don't tell Mister Realtor, but I'm kind of liking my room de-cluttered.....when I stumble around half awake in the morning I don't run into nearly as many thing now! ;-)

~After weeks and weeks of whining, finally getting a bubble tea! Yes, it might have been in place of Zumba (hey, the sound system was on the fritz and the girls and I did go for a long walk, we just happened to mosey by the tea store.....) Mmm, green tea base with coconut AND almond with tapioca pearls! YUM!

~These books, I LOVE them! I want to be Melissa/Honey and who she ends up with? Perfection! =)