Wednesday, June 6, 2012

15x15~Day Six!

Yesterday was CrAzY! I bring the little boy I nanny to my house so I can help here at home (driving Becca to collage, packing more, things like that!) I get home and there is a refrigerator delivery truck in our driveway, our 28 year old fridge broke (shocker, right?) but not only would the old one not fit out through the kitchen, the new one wouldn't either! So, it takes twice as long as it should to deal with that! 

The the real estate agent come in the middle of all this to walk around the house and tell us how our stuff is going to make it REALLY hard to sell our house and if we moved before we sold it he could get $10,000 more for it....gee, thanks mister, our stuff devalues the house by $10,000?!?! 

He keeps asking about all of the furniture we've moved so the fridge guys can get through the house.....oh, no mister, we always have the rug wadded up like that in the middle of the floor, didn't you notice that last time you where here? =P

Oh and then I get a call at about 11, the older boy I nanny is sick and can I go and get him at school. I drive the 25 minutes to the school, hoping that he doesn't barf before we can get him to a toilet or sink and then I walk into the school office and it's a little boy I've never seen before siting there clutching his, sorry that is not my Nathan...the secretary looked at me like I was crazy, but then believed me when another woman walked in and said that no, it was in fact not the Wrights Nathan! So, let me get this straight, I rushed over here, skipping lunch (after not eating breakfast) and it's not even my Nathan??? *sigh*

Ahem...rant over, sorry!

You know, the weather really should have let me know it was going to be cold before I picked out my 15 items!! =P
Three of the 15 being worn today! 
Cardigan (swapped for blue and white shirt): Kohl's
Dress: Apt 9 via eBay
Boots: Naturalizer

Earrings: Made by me, Bracelet: ShopKo

~Anyone else ever feel sorry for Carlton from Fresh Prince? He was always my favorite character!