Saturday, June 2, 2012

15x15~Day Two

The observant among will notice I've swapped out yet another item. I've swapped my black flats for some boots as the weather has changed form sunny with temps in the mid to high 70's, to rainy (with possible frozen mix on Tuesday) with temps in the high boots instead of flats it is! =)

Wearing three of my 15 items today:
Blue shirt: Kohls
Yellow skirt (swapped for Paris print): Made by me
Boots (swapped for black flats): Naturalizer 

Earrings:Made by me 
.....I bought  a pair of flip flops that had a bigillion of these little butterflies on them but after a few times of wearing them and getting them caught on everything I took them off and made  a pair of just a few million more of the little buggers to get rid of.....anybody want some earrings? ;-) 

~My change bucket was full, so I cashed it in and snagged some of the items off of my favorites list on Etsy!

~ Two kinds of lip stuff from Epically Epic Soap. I've loved everything I've bought from her, so go and check out her shop, you won't be disappointed! It's the smoothest chap stick I've ever tried and feels wonderful on your lips, the flavors are to die for yummy without being over powering. Her lip-tints are great as well, they provide just a hint of color and sparkle!

~This bracelet from Simple KISSes. I followed a link on eBay and fell in love with this bracelet, it seriously goes with 90% of my summer wardrobe! I love it! =)

~ And last but definitely not least, Posh Patina solidifies herself as my very favorite jewelry designer with her new line of gorgeous earrings! The name alone had me hooked, Roman Holiday.....don't they just look like something you would wear to explore a simple white sundress.....tan sandals.....with a beat up leather messenger bag.....riding a light aqua'd spend all day taking pictures.....getting a glowing brown tan.....or maybe that's just me! ;-) more thing. I have to thank Tory from A Splash of Red for leaving the best comment ever! She said my hair looked vintage, and I am now praying for God to bless her.....and her children.....and her childrens children.....etc etc etc.....thanks for the compliment Tory, it pretty much made my year!! ;-)