Saturday, June 9, 2012

15x15~Day Nine


Hair has decided it doesn't want to be flippy and cute on both sides wants to curl and be straight at the same time and no mater how many times I tell it this is not acceptable, it goes against my express wishes anyway..... =P
Three of the 15 today......
Green shirt: JCPenny
Jeans shorts: Venezia via eBay
Brown flats (not pictured): Target

 Earrings: Gabrielle Atelier (Ashley's sisters Esty store, which appears to be empty at the moment!)

Cherry scarf: eBay

~I saw an ad for this camera awhile back and immediately knew I needed to start saving my pennies to buy one! I love of small cameras, but I also love the photo quality of a DSLR. This camera seems to have both! I've played with one at Costco and while I will DEFINITELY be waiting until the price goes down, I'm pretty sure this will be my next camera purchase!
Hopefully the price drops soon as the battery door on my old camera is popping halfway open all the time now..... =(

~This so TOTALLY works and it has saved me time already while writing this post! =)