Thursday, June 14, 2012

15x15~Day Fourteen!


Three of the 15 today.....You know? I think I've only worn less then three once.....yet I still feel the need to say how many of the 15 I am wearing! =P
Yellow shirt: Kohls
Jeans shorts: Venezia via eBay
Brown flats: Target

Earrings: Same deal as yesterday! Forever 21 from eBay!

~I made these, I know I said I would report back sooner, but I forgot!
 The recipe calls for 1 cup milk, 1/3 cup Nutella.

I put the milk in a glass 2 cup measure and added the Nutella. Then slowly warmed them together in the microwave until they whisked together, poured into molds, then froze! 

They were good, but the best part was were the Nutella had risen to the top of the mold, so next time I'm using evaporated milk (I used Fat Free originally) and more of a half milk, half Nutella ratio!

Hopefully I will get back to you soon on how the changes tasted!

Though we do have two birthdays (one of them mine!) and Fathers day all before next we might be to full of cake for Nutella fudge pops...who am I kidding?.....There is always room for Nutella fudge pops!  ;-)