Saturday, June 23, 2012

What a Week!!!!!!!

First things first, we went back to Portland for Fathers Day (which also happened to coincide with the Pride Parade, which was parading (and blocking the street) right past Powell's, one of our main destinations of the day.....of all the days we could have picked.....)

Completely different drinks, the small on is a Chai tea and the bigger one is a Caramel Macchiato, yet they look exactly the same.....

The Tardis's maiden voyage!

He likes coffee too apparently! ;-)

Lego Store!

Bubble tea store, coconut smoothie with lychee jellies, smoothie and flavor of jellies good, texture of jellies not so good.....I bet one of my sisters she wouldn't take a drink for a $1....guess who had to pony up the $!!!

We did make it to Powell's, luckily the parade had ended by the time we were done at the mall, not that the parade leftovers weren't still wandering around.....

New glasses, yes, again.....I actually tried these ones on, so I knew they fit and I liked how they looked, and nobody cried this time! Yes, I cried last time I picked out glasses in person.....

I'm not proud of it, but I figure it's better to break down at the small things like bad hair, pie crust and glasses and being able to keep a calm head during the really bad things...for example, like having the little boy you watch fall off of a fence and break his arm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, that happened.....on the first day of summer.....he even had to get knocked out so they could set it.....luckily his Moms a nurse and she was working at the urgent care only about 5 minutes from where he broke his arm..... I feel really bad.....the parents are joking about it and completely fine with it and were kind of expecting it sooner or later.....but I saved the freaking out and guilt ridden behavior until I got home..... needless to say, there was some freaking out emotional behavior this week! =P

He's fine by the way! And I'm the only one beating myself up about it!

Ahem, back to the glasses.....

I must have a wide short head, I need medium to wide frames and then they always have to majorly bend the bows so they don't slide down my nose! I guess the short wide thing with the glasses shouldn't surprise me, it's kind of in theme with the rest of me! ;-) 
(I love the sparkles!)

New sunnies too! My old ones were falling apart and my prescription had changed 3 times since I'd gotten the old ones!
 (Sorry for the kind of creepy pic, I couldn't get my eyes to not show through the lenses!)

Love the bows..... 

.....and the came with a really soft, beautiful case! 

My b-day has come and gone, it was spread out this year, which used to bother me, I wanted all the celebrating done ON the DAY! But, this year I got two days of celebration, what was my problem with spreading it out again? 

Pink doughnuts and going out to dinner and a play on day one and then presents and homemade dinner and cake on my actual birthday! 

Meet my big present, an iPod Touch! I had to re-download (or is it up load? I never know!) all of my music to my laptop again, I hadn't gotten around to doing it again since my computer crashed. But, it's all on there now! Along with three free versions of Angry Birds (I may have to buy the Rio version, I love the background music!) and a couple Instagram apps.....Oh, and FaceBook and Pinterest.....yep, that's how I roll!  

Thank you so much Mom and Dad!

And me being me, I already have a skin picked out and after next payday it will be on it's way! ;-)