Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Random Bits of Life.....

~Went to see Brave and it was amazing, as was the short before hand, La Luna. I was a little worried the way the plot was headed, but then they resolved everything quite nicely in my opinion! 
It did make me want my long crazy hair back, and I was super excited to see a tombiyish princess who didn't change her skirts for pants at every opportunity! =)

~This movie on the other hand was a waste of he $3 I paid for me and the littles to get in! =P

~Weight loss.....good.....face looker thinner as a result of said weight loss.....even better....nose beginning to look bigger as a result.....NOT GOOD!!!!
(Messed around with my Instgram a bit here, I love that little app!)

~Hmm, why would you?