Thursday, May 31, 2012

My 15x15 Items.....

.....and a short explanation as to why I'm bending the rules! =P

First off, here are my fifteen items!

~One dress
 Apt 9 via eBay

~Six shirts
Green, yellow and striped: Kohl's 
Blue and white: Church rummage sale
Coral and sky blue: Shop-Ko  

~One cardigan

~One pair of shorts and three skirts
(The patterned skirt may get swapped out if the alterations don't turn out as planned!)
Jean shorts: Venezia brand via Goodwill
Pink Maxi and royal blue knit skirt: JcPenny
Paris print: Cj Banks via Mom

 ~Three pairs of shoes
Black flats: Payless kids section
Flip flops: Fred Meyer
Heels: Payless

Now, onto my rule bending (AKA knowingly cheating).....I have seen some other girls include camis in their 15 items, and I have chosen to not to, even though I wear one 90% of the time and don't plan on not wearing them during the next 15 days. I personally place camis in the undergarments category, and if this challenge includes undergarments, I think I'm going to have to back out! ;-) 

Se y'all tomorrow! =)