Friday, May 25, 2012

Awkward and Awesome


~Three of my new favorite shows got canceled *sniff*sniff* (R.I.P, Pan Am, Terra Nova and A Gifted Man) It's also season finale time and that means I have to WAIT to find out what happens between Castle and on earth did Sherlock fake his own death and last but not least.....did Grimm and Hawaii 5-0 really just end with the same wide eyed stare and a gasp of "Mom?" Yep, they totally did, weird.....

~The following picture was taken this joke here peeps.....just half an inch of slushy rainy May..... Tennessee keeps looking better and better.....

~Does the summer movie season seem to be over run with R rated movies, or is it just me???


~The chocolate old fashioned doughnuts from amazingly tasty..... I may or may not get one every Thursday morning....hey, most Wednesday nights I've Zumba-ed my butt off.....I figure it all comes out even in the end.....or ON the end as it where..... ;-)

~For all you fellow Doctor fans.....this HAS to happen, or the world might end....just sayin'.....

~I can pretty much already say, beyond a shadow of a doubt, this movie holds my very favorite version of Santa Clause EVER!!!!