Friday, May 18, 2012

Fiendish Squirrel

Picture this.....a nice friendly squirrel that lets me pet him (he was sooo soft!)..... 

 .....turns into a Mom chasing, screen door climbing/shaking, house infiltrating, cat scaring fiend by the afternoon. My Mom calls animal control.....wait we don't have animal control in Bend.....the cops tell us to trap it, but not hurt it. 

Then a man from our church comes and tries to shoot it with a pellet gun, no luck there either! I came home from work and the squirrel is up in a tree and then vanishes.

After dinner the fiendish squirrel is back, chasing Mom and little bro inside the house, I throw on my shoes (of course I'm in my PJ's at this point, not exactly evil squirrel chasing clothes I know, but whatever.....) and am stalking the little guy around the front yard with a five gallon bucket.....

.....Wait, now what do I do with it? 

......squirrels fate is pending at the moment.....check back later for full status report!