Thursday, May 10, 2012

Photo Challenge ~Day Ten!

In going through a mental list of my bad habits, I seem to have mostly un-photograph-able ones.....procrastination.....forgetting to do something I was told to do while I was doing something else.....I chew on my lip when I'm nervous, especially out in public.....I fiddle with my jewelry.....I use to tug on the ends of my braids, but cutting all your hair off tends to help with that one.....I am an obsessive worrier, especially about what others think of me.....I tend to either not talk at all or ramble on and on and on and on etc etc etc, when nervous out in public (you can't shut me up at home!).....ahh, I know one!

~Bad Habit~

.....I have a bad tendency to put off, putting the sheets back on my bed, which is a weekly happening here at the Pillsbury house, gotta love clean sheets! So, even though I get them back well before bedtime, I'm usually putting them back on as I'm ready to climb into bed! =P

And I didn't forget about yesterday, I just could NOT think of anything, so I took the day off! =)

As a bonus, since it's Thursday, there is a new Lizzie Bennet video out, and I thought I would share it with all y'all! Enjoy!