Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ovo Means "egg"' in Portuguese.....

Why on earth am I sharing such a random factoid, you may be wondering.....

.....well, wonder no longer! My family had the opportunity to go and see Ovo this past weekend, before they take the show to Australia! 

We packed up early Sunday morning (copious amounts of barf receptacles included, for those of us who get car sick.... travel is so fun with a house full of car sick pron people! Ginger pills have literally changed my life folks, try them for nausea and motion sickness, they really do work!) and headed to Portland. Drove through a half marathon, saw a giant metal elephant..... 

.....and dropped of crazy Becca at Powell's (as she didn't want to go to the show....hence the crazy bit) one of the worlds biggest used book stores and the rest of us headed here.....

.....our first surprise was that the show was actually in a  tent, we thought it was inside the Expo center, but nope! The amazingly talented folks at Cirque Du Soleil (Which I've been told means circus of the sun) have invented the Tardis tent, far bigger on the inside then it looks on the outside!

....and unless you Google the show that's all the pictures you're going to get, they start yelling at you about cameras as soon as you walk in the gates...oh well!

 Lack of pictures aside, it was an AMAZING experience and if you ever have a chance to go to a Cirque Du Soleil show, you should grab it and not look back! The costumes, music, the special effects, the set, everything was amazing and they 2 1/2 hours literally flew by (except for the half hour intermission, but I had brought along a book to take care of the boring bit!)

Some pics of our drive around downtown Portland, I would't want to live there, but I do love to visit! 

Where ivy has grown and then died on an underpass, I love the patterns the ivy had made!

China Town

Cool details

I love how colorful the buildings are, (though the people all seemed to be wearing black and brown....)

We went to the Old Spaghetti factory for dinner, I love it there! They have the neatest building and the food is really good! They have this special cheese,
.....small batch.....
.....made by little Italian grandmothers.....
.....can't get it anywhere else.....
 .....sheep's milk..... 
( I know, me eating sheep's milk, but I had already eaten it at this point, so I went with it!) and I'm not kidding you here people it tastes almost exactly like this.....
....which I love, since that kind of cheese was my favorite as a kid! I know those little Italian Grandmothers are shaking their fists at me and muttering about this dumb Americans unsophisticated pallet, but what can I say? It has a bit more depth of flavor, but for the most part a Kraft clone it is! ;-)

They have a small arcade upstairs, the silly crane machine ate my 50 cents!

Crazy big chair that just screams photo op!


Bonus outfit photo! My lovely Mom bought this skirt for me the day before, I'd put it back at JcPenny as it was out of budget, but she went back and picked it up for me! Not the best choice to wear to a city where it rains most of the time.....the hem was a wee bit filthy by the end of the day! I love how it moves and being from the petite section, the hem is just touching the ground instead of being 4-5 inches to long!
Shirt: eBay, Skirt: JcPenny, Purse: Dillards, Cowboy Botts: Wal-Mart

I was so sad, this little guy was SUPPOSED to be here in time for the trip, but he came the day after, so he didn't get to come with us. There is always next time though!