Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Last Rose of Summer

Today is the first day of the Autumn Fashion Showcase! It has been hovering around 80 degrees, but today it is blessedly cooler fallsih weather! Sorry all of you local people, but I've been praying for cooler weather, it's fall for goodness sake, I want to wear boots and sleeves, not sun dresses and flip flops!=P

I have been hanging onto this fabric since early spring. I knew it would make the perfect princess seam dress, but me and the ol' princess seam haven't exactly gotten along in the past. I just couldn't get it to fit right. I finally found and modified a pattern and will be using it a lot!=)

While I was working with this fabric, the song Last Rose of Summer popped into my head. It's a dress I made at the end of summer and has roses on it, so I dubbed this dress the Last Rose of Summer dress. Very creative, right? ;-)

A necklace I made out of old earring parts. The beads are to heavy for earrings and the heart hoops looked odd on, so after hanging onto both pieces for years, I finally put them together into my new favorite necklace!

A very long leather braid that I can use for a bracelet, anklet, or a necklace. I copied it after seeing one on the net and I didn't want to pay $45. I paid $3!*smile*

Colors of the Wind Earrings from Amanda Beth. They are forest green and sparkly!

This is my favorite version of this song, I love the Celtic women.=)