Monday, October 4, 2010


Today is day two of the Autumn Fashion Showcase!

 This is what I would wear to a fall bonfire, if I was ever invited to one!(hint, hint.....) 
Skirt~Made by me, from an old dress made by me, from fabric from Wal-Mart
Boots~ Wal-Mart
Owl necklace~ Made by me, charm from.....Micheal's, not Wal-Mart! Are you surprised? I was when I realized that everything besides the necklace and one other item are from Wal-Mart, unseen garments included !(TMI?hehe)

I love the concept of this video, now if only I knew if it was all staged or not.
I love the Christmas version of this he recorded. Did you know? The Christmas version was a spur of the moment, turned the bathroom of the hotel into a recording room type of thing! I love random facts like that, don't you?

Craig Morgan - Bonfire (Official Music Video). Watch more top selected videos about: Craig Morgan