Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Glasses/Fun Nail Polish

Yes, for those of you how know me this is my second new pair of glasses in 2 years, but the first new pair got wonky and never really felt like me. So, I went back to the old ones. I got the new glasses itch again after finding out you could order glasses on the Internet. I'm all up for that! I found the perfect pair at Eye Buy Direct for $7.95!! How could I not jump on that?
The frames, lenses, anti-reflective coating, scratch proofing and shipping totaled $19.95! I got them on Friday and the prescription is perfect. I love them and will be ordering new sunglasses from them next spring.=) 

Detail on the bows.=)

I also got my mood ring nail polish in the mail, it's pretty awesome, though I have discovered my nails are cold most of the time! I thought I had pretty warm hands, maybe just my nails are cold!  ;-)
 The video is almost too exciting, but just keep a tight hold on the edges of your seats and you should be fine!!