Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Munch N' Movies

rEver been to a drive in? I had always wanted to go, but I've never gotten to go. So imagine my excitement when a couple of years ago they advertised Munch N' Movies. A FREE movie played on a ginormous inflatable screen outside at a park. Awesome right? The first year was really great, then the next year they had to turn the sound way down at 10 because people had complained to the cops about the noise. Then the next year La-Z-Boy pulled there funding and the event was shut down.

TA-DA! Northwest Crossing has brought it back starting August 21 at Compass Park. The music starts at 6 but the movie starts at dusk. My family just grabs a pizza or Luchables(I still love Lunchables, does anyone else?) a blanket and settle in for the show! Sometimes Kettle corn is purchased, they sell food; hence the Munch part of the tittle, because it smells so good.=)

The movies this year are:
August 21 Wall-E (I won't be here for that one, so sad!)
August 28 Twilight (I admit I'm a fan)
September 4 The Princess Bride (You won't be able to keep me away from this one!)
September 11 Kung Fu Panda (Jack Black, need I say anything more?)

Come join me at the park for a one of a kind experience. Well, unless you go more then once then it's not really a one of a kind experience is it?(hehe)