Monday, August 10, 2009

Who Knew?

We all want to live in a movie right? I bet even the most rational of you have wanted to, at some point with that certain movie! The handsome "prince", the way bad people are punished and the way good deeds are always rewarded and usually right away! I have always had my head in the clouds and fantasized about wanting to live in whatever movie I've just watched(some more then others, like I am making my way though the Bourne movies right now. Ekkkk!)

Who knew out of all of the movies I've watched it would be 27 Dresses-Father of the Bride that my life is like right now! It couldn't be any of the other countless movies I've fantasized about over the years! Weeelll, to be fair I guess it's not exactly like those movies we don't have a Frank(say it with the accent included please!) helping us and as far as I can tell no James Marsden has come a courtin' at my door!(though hopefully someone a little more silly and a little less full of him self then James Marsden would come a courtin'!)and I was never in love with the brides man!!

So far all of the things you see about wedding planning in the movies is true. Who knew figuring out the guest list would be hard. Just invite the people you like and you know would want to see you get married. Simple and straight forward right? Who knew that figuring out what colors, flowers, where, when etc etc etc and all of that would be so difficult! We've had balls for over 300 people and they where a little stressful, but nowhere near this stressful. What is about planning the happiest day of someones life that gets everyone so upset?

I'm so not sure about wanting to live in the movies anymore. So far the experience hasn't been much fun! Unlike the movies I can't get up and leave or just turn it off when it gets really scary(hehe) Well, good bye faithful reader(s) I am wanted in the touture chamber; oops I mean kitchen, to hash over the guest list once more! HELP ME!!!