Saturday, August 1, 2009

Do We Really Need to See That?

I watched a movie last night(shocking right?) and once again was confronted with something that has always confused me. Why do they feel the need to put so much nudity and sex in movies? I mean the movie wouldn't have been any less good if they just had them kiss(even though the close ups of that aren't very nice to watch or listen to! Do we really need to see their tongues?) and then went to the dialog the always happens when they are mostly covered with, sheets, blankets, clothes etc. Some otherwise great movies have been wreaked for me because of how much of this type of thing they put in.

I have been trying to not watch to much stuff like that anymore, but the if people see you averting your eyes you get questions or told to be a big girl or that you've seen way worse then this(the latter courtesy of my sister! By the way Megan I've been doing it for awhile now) Yes, I have seen worse! I am very uncomfortable with what I have allowed my self to view in the past and am trying to change! Is there something wrong with that? For you, maybe it's fine our paths are different, just let me close my eyes and please tell me when it's over!=)