Sunday, August 23, 2009

Coast Trip with Kim and Telli~Day One

We left from Redmond at about 8am. After fitting camping things for four days and three people into a smallish car. You don't think three people would need that much stuff, but weren't we all surprised! We drove up to Astoria and went to the Heritage Museum and walked around down town for a bit. We also stopped by the ever impressive Fort Astoria the very highly advertised attraction, you should go if you ever get to Astoria, you'll be very surprised!

We then went to a cannery museum that was pretty cool, a little hard to find though, and later we found out that we should have stopped by the main office and signed liability waivers before going in, hmmm....makes you want to go doesn't it?=)

Then we drove across the Astoria bridge, very neat. Fort Stevens was where we camped the first night. It defiantly wins for best camp spot out of the three we stayed at.

He's in the jail house now
The highly anticipated and never disappointing Fort Astoria!

Telli setting our very posh table, I loved the plastic wine glasses. It just added something to the whole experience!=)

Kims tent.........

Mine and Tellis tent, is there someting wrong with this picture? ;)

For more Day One pictures click on the link below!