Monday, August 24, 2009

Day Three

I started out day three by myself on the beach. I took lots of pictures and played around with the different color settings, it was very peaceful and foggy. It was great! Then breakfast was the same as the day before, but Kelli and I wrapped the rolls around marshmallows, very very good! All we needed was some chocolate to make it perfect!=)

We went to the Tillamook cheese factory in the morning and let me tell you the tour has gotten way better. It is a definite stop on your trip down the coast. Kelli and I got some very good ice cream then we headed to Mo's for lunch. I am usually not a seafood fan, but their calm chowder was very tasty!

We headed off to Newport next and dropped Kelli off down town to find tea and shop and Tim and I went to the aquarium. I love zoos and aquariums and the like! They have added a sea tube or whatever you call those things that are big tanks with tubes down the middle that you can walk through. I was very happy I wasn't wearing a skirt that day, because the floors had port holes in them and at one point when I looked down a scuba diver was waving at me!

The aquarium was very neat, in the aviary a puffin gave him self a bath right in front of us and was splashed water at us, that was pretty neat! The odd water exhibit was beautiful! All of the tanks had blown glass in them, I love blown glass. We then picked Kelli up and headed to a very pretty light house. My camera died once again(man that thing eats up the batteries now a days!!) so I didn't get many pictures of the light house. It was very pretty and it was free, you can't argue with that! We then headed to Beverly beach for our last night of camping, and had some very good chicken for dinner, right Tim?=)

The stairs headed up to the light part of the light house, I love taking pictures of stairs!
The puffin, so cute=)

Kim and Telli at the cheese factory!
A picture of the almost perfect sand dollars I found when I was by myself. I kept the big white one to the right, what can I say?........I had to fight against the urge to keep all three!=)
The beach at 6:30 in the morning. B-e-autiful!