Monday, August 17, 2009

Deep Breath! It's Done!

I did it! I did it! I did it! I did something that any 16 year should be able to do............hmmmm doesn't sound so impressive now does it?=) I went in for my third and final drive test today and I passed!

(Names have been changed to protect the privacy of those involved!)

The first time I failed because I had gotten about halfway through the manual and stopped reading it two pages before the one way street rules. I had never driven on one way streets. Which is about half of the test! Ugh! My test givers English was also a little sketchy and hard to understand and it was a he. I had never wanted a male instructor, don't know why, just didn't! His biggest piece of advice was to always look into the darkness behind, I'm pretty sure he meant blind spots. Or he was warning me about something I'm not sure I want to know about!

Drive test two went little better. The instructor was very nice and I wasn't nervous at all. He(once again a he!) reminded me of Bobby Ray from "Sweet Home Alabama", even down to the hat. But a jeep was messing around in the parking lot right behind me and I kind dragged a parking come about 5 feet? Needless to say that is grounds for immediate failure!!

Number three! I had just gotten back from four days of camping and was tired and a little cranky, hadn't slept very good the night before the test because I was worried. Then I check in and do the sit in your car and stew for 20 minutes and who should come out and tap on my window but can't speak English man. He asked if I was comfortablee with him giving me the test, I just wanted it to be over, at that point I was way past caring! My heart was pounding very hard until I had successfully and fully cleared the parking cones.

Then it went fine. The one thing I did wrong was follow the other cars in a left turn yield on green intersection. My Mom thinks that what I did was okay, but no speak English man says never follow the people in front of you. That might be difficult in driving; the never following anyone else thing, but what the heck. I'll march to the beat of no speak English mans drummer!

I went in and turned in my score sheet then went over to get my picture taken. I had to sign one of those horrible electronic signers and my hand writing in bad at it's best. It's down right unreadable on one of those things! Then the guy told me to take a step back towards the blue on the wall. I did so and I looked back to make sure I was where I was supposed to be and as soon as I looked forward again FLASH! I've seen mug shoots with happier people in them! I now have a temporary license and will get my real one in a week or so. Deep breathe, it's over!