Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Yeah for Swine Flu!

We went to the fair last Thursday. We always enter stuff and go every year. Sometimes it doesn't seem worth it as we drive back and forth to Redmond multiple times. But after it's all said and done, the memories are enough to make us do it all again the next year!

The one part of the fair I really do not like is the swine barn. It just smells so bad! But this year they were being anal about how close you could get, and having to wash your hands and lots of other precautions so we wouldn't give the pigs swine flu. It was just to much to deal with, so we didn't have top go through the swine barn! I just gave them a merry wave and stuck my tongue out at them as we walked right on by!!!

If you can read this sign, it's very funny!
This is Daisy, she was my very favorite duck in the chicken exhibit. Though surprisingly enough, no the only duck in the chicken exhibit!(If you've been around me at all since the fair, it might explain why I've seemed confused about ducks and chickens!)

These chickens names were, Chicken, Nugget and Meal!

Hungry goats, the square eyes have always creeped me out!

The sky was beautiful that night! My batteries died before I could get any more pics though!=(
So that is our trip to the fair, well about half of it anyway!=)