Monday, August 31, 2009

Farewell Summer

Summer days have come and gone,
They were so very fun,
The long and lazy days of being,
Outside in the sun.

The pool is full of yucky muck,
It should be put away,
The bathing suits have all,
Been put in the drawer to stay.

The school books have come off the shelf,
The supplies are being bought,
One last week of summer time,
Is all that we have got!

Go to the park, go to the lake,
Go any where at all,
This one last week of summer time,
We all ought to have a ball!

This last summer, oh how it has been,
One of the best I've ever had,
Lots of fun, fellowship and friends,
Have made it very glad.

The fall is bringing more then,
The start of school it seems,
It brings an older sister dear,
The fulfilment of a dream!

A wedding we are having now,
Her special day we plan,
She's leaving me, this sister dear,
He is one lucky man!

Another tear this fall will bring,
The loss of friends so dear,
One only goes to school again,
And only for a year!

Sunday nights I will no longer see,
Another friend so near,
I know I will see her again,
But not so often I do fear.

Life is changing so very fast,
I'm being left behind,
Why am I being left alone?
Is running through my mind.

Then I see a sunset bright,
I feel the crisp fall breeze ,
It reminds me of the God,
That will always be with me!

He's always close, He's always near,
He'll never leave my side,
He's standing there with arms held out,
With arms thrown open wide!

This poem it has gone on to long,
It's gone from bad to worse,
I will just write one little last,
Just one more small short verse!

The moral of this story is,
There's always one you see,
Whatever life does throw my way,
God will always be with me!