Monday, August 24, 2009

Day Two

We started out day two by cooking crescent rolls on a stick over the fire(Yeah! Tim got a fire started!) that was really good, thank you Kelli for the idea! Then Kelli went for a run down to the beach and Tim and I drove(yes we are the lazy ones!) down a little while alter and saw this really cool ship wreck that is just sticking up out of the sand. Very cool.=)

Then we drove to the Columbia river wildlife viewing bunker and walked along the bank for awhile, there were lots of birds! It was very pretty and the sand was interesting to walk in. It took great foot prints.

We then ate lunch and packed up the campsite to be out of there by one, and we went to the Fort Stevens historic area and looked at some awesome batteries(the kind that have guns, not the Duracell kind!) and climbed allover those, my camera died pretty soon onto the adventure so I didn't get very many pictures of the batteries. Tim as lots though, so if you want to see pictures go bug him!

We the headed on over to Sea Side and walked down to the beach through the midway crowd, it was very busy and full of tourists! The beach was very full of people very unlike an Oregon beach actually. Tim took pity on my poor camera-less soul and gave me some of his batteries so I got some pictures of it. Then we headed on over to Cape Look Out which was out next camping destination.

We thought we were going to be able to see the beach from our camp spot, but not only could we not see the beach because of rather large dune, but there was nothing between the campsites but some sparse knee high bushes! Hello friendly and not so friendly people!

Kelli and I walked down the beach to some really neat caves in the cliff and had our own little petting zoo of sea anemones, star fish, and all kinds of cool sea creatures! It was really neat! We couldn't get to the last and largest cave though, even at low tide you would need to swim or have a boat! I also got to take a shower, there where doors on the stalls for which I was very happy; but some inquisitive little girl kept peeking under my door and so ends day two!=)

The smallest sea cave
A view from a view point along highway 101, the best highway ever!
Kelli driving a very cool vintage Jeep!
The wild life vewing bunker on the Columbia river

The ship wreck on the beach, very neat!