Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our Trip~Part 2(Including the snake bite!)

The second half of our trip was a little calmer, until the scrapped knee and snake bite! We always go to the head of the Metolious there wasn't the usual chipmunk stampede or the popping beetles very sad!
My very law abiding sister and Mother!

Mt. Jefferson(at least according to my Dad!)

The head of the Metolious river, exciting isn't it?=)

Then we go to the fish hatchery, it's pretty neat to feed the fish and watch them pile up out of the water and grab at the food. We were down at the holding pond and Jacob fell and scraped his knee. Then wait for it, wait for it, wait for it.................................................... Megan found a snake picked it up and after they had carried it around for awhile it bit her. She shook it off put it back in the bushes and my Mom hustled all off to the car to leave because she had had enough fun for one day!
Hello fishy!

The water under the bridge(hehe) it's very neat how it changes color.