Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer Time Blues

What is it about summer? You spend all year dreaming about the warm sunny peaceful days, lazily catchin' some R&R sitting outside in the shade with a cool breeze and a glass of your favorite beverage beside you so cold that little beads of water are gathering on the outside of your glass. Then BOOM it gets here and your so busy you barely have time to sit down to pee! Let alone read or do anything else restful!

Summer days fill up so fast, it's hard to appreciate them sometimes. Some days I just can't wait for the evening so the doors and windows can open up and the fresh air can come in and the AC gets turned off(It smells funny don't you think, the AC air? I much prefer fresh air. Don't get me wrong the man who invented the AC should at least get to the 7th layer of heaven, but sometimes it gets so stuffy!) Then when school starts up again in the fall it's like whoa, what happened to my summer?

I'm somewhat of an over anticipater(I guess that's not really a word, hmmmmm), I plan everything out and when it doesn't go how I planned I get annoyed. Then I factor that into the planning and I get annoyed even before the event starts because I know that it will not go according to plan and know that I'm not going to be able to do anything about it! The restful times happen, just not when or as much as I've planned. But then again isn't life like that? It never goes how you plan and there's really nothing you can do about it.

Even when my plans get royally messed up, I still have fun or at least a great story to tell later(sometimes much later! Some things that happen just need time before they're funny!) Looking back at my life, it's a beautiful picture of Gods grace and His path is much more beautiful then the one I had planned. After all aren't the hard to find, hard to get to places the most beautiful? Or maybe we just appreciate them more because of the struggle to get there.=)

There are some b-e-a-utiful moments though, I slept out side with the little siblings a couple of nights ago and I just lay on my back and looked up at the stars forever! You feel so small, and yet such a part of something bigger then yourself to know that the very same God who can name every single one of those stars knows my name and died for me, just so I(little old good for nothing me!) could be with Him forever. It just blows my mind!

Playing in the water, camping, hiking, watching the kids play outside, the sun on my face, the way that cool breeze brushes the back of my neck under my hair just when I think I'm going to melt! Watermelon, s'mores, not having to wear shoes, there are just so many great things about summer that just aren't the same any other time of year! Reach out and embrace the crazy wonderful summer days, let that hot sun and those cool breezes play across your face and smile. Summer's here baby!=)