Tuesday, July 28, 2009

At the End of Road 1234

My family went on our annual trip to the fish hatchery last Friday and we also went to check to see if the huckleberries had come back after the B&B fire. The first time we went to pick the huckleberries the guy taking us chanted road-1230-road-1230-road-1230-road-1230 the whole hour it took to drive there! So needless to say we all remembered that when we got off the paved road, road 1230 was the one we wanted to take! But did we manage to take road 1230? Nope we ended up on road 1234!=)

My Mom hates driving on narrow mountain roads and being in the 15 passenger van doesn't exactly make the road feel any wider! The whole time we were driving up the road(going really slow) she was hyperventilating and saying that we were going to die. Not a fun 30 minutes! I didn't think that we were on the right road because the drop off was to our left instead of our right, but when I mentioned that I about ended up walking the rest of the way!

We got to the end of road 1234, which ends at a parking lot with a couple of trail heads going off of it. And much to every ones surprise a lake! Okay, how clueless are we? I knew we were at the wrong place, but no I was told this is the same place! We had all just managed to miss the lake the 5 times we had gone to pick berries. It a beautiful little lake and the shore was covered in orange-black and these tiny blue butterflies. It was like a picture in a book or something. I walked through them(after taking pictures!) and they all flew up and it was AMAZING!!

The lake was really shallow we all went wading and the dog was in 7th heaven playing fetch out into the water. The scenery was just beautiful, the burned out trees, the fresh green of the new ones, the cloudless blue sky, the warm clear lake all made for a wonderful experience! We are supposedly going back to do one of the hikes and to come more prepared to play in the water, but we'll see if my mom can psyche herself out to go on that road again!

These blue butterflies posed better for pictures!

A burned out log and my little bro! Aren't they pretty?=)
A cool reflection under the water, I about fell of the log I was standing on to get this picture!
A view of the lake
The butterflies (so very cool, one of the best memories I have!)
This definitely deserves another trip! We'll just have to wait and see if I go with my family. Hmm, or I maybe I could manage to drag somebody else up there!=)