Sunday, July 26, 2009

Learning to be Thankful

For a few days I'm helping house sit for the people my older sister nanny's for. It's much cleaner then normal, much, much cleaner. But still, not quite what I'm used to. I was taught (kicking and screaming the whole way) to clean the whole house twice a week. The towels get washed twice a week and the sheets get washed once. I didn't see the need for this when I was younger. But after wiping the dead bugs off of the bathroom counter at this one house, I was once again reminded to be thankful for the hard work my Mom had gone through to teach me how to clean!

We never like learning our lessons when we're in the middle of them, but after it's over we look back and have untold appreciation for the people who dragged us down that road. Parents, teachers and friends have all played huge rolls in my life. The one who has taught me the most, never gets enough credit and still gets loads of flack unfortunately is God!

I know that God will bring me through this hard time, but I still get mad at Him for making me go through this. I don't care that He is making me a stronger person and forming my character. I want it my way right now! Why do I have such a hard time with this? Why can't I be content knowing that at the end of this season in my life I will be a better person for it?

I really need to learn to thank God for these lessons while they are happening and after. Because most of the time, even after the good times have come back. I'm still a little annoyed and wondering why me?! I swear, sometimes I wonder about Gods sanity putting up with the likes of stubborn ol' me! =)