Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Take a Pin to a Heart Shaped Balloon.....

Have had this song stuck in my head.....I have to admit to strongly identifying with his sentiments...ah, seems springtime is a time for love and engagements.....for everyone else besides me....
Okay, pity party over, I promise! =P 

I love Hunter Hayes and marvel at how much he sounds like the lead singer from Rascal Flatts!

I for one am a BIG fan of the colorful jean craze and was excited to find some that weren't skinny (which does NOT create a good line for me, unless of course ice-cream cone becomes a desirable silhouette!) and will fit all of my "trunk junk" as it were! =)

Shirt: Kohls, Cami: JcPenny, Purple jeans: Women Within, Necklace: JcPenny

Ah yes, the shorts that started it all! A VBS drama that called for a bayou costume led me to Goodwill looking for some jeans I could cut off into clam diggers. I hadn't worn pants for years for a varity of reasons, for spiritual and some not so spiritual reasons, but that has already been covered HERE.
I found these babies for $3 and they became a summer staple! They were roomy enough in the hips and booty but then magically fit in the waist! I looked the brand up and now they are my one and only brand of jeans I can get to fit right! 
Not that they haven't changed their name.....causing this curvy girl to panic, but obviously, I found them again! =)
Cardigan: JcPenny, Cami: JcPenny, Shorts Venizia brand via Goodwill

 I recently discovered my new favorite Esty shop, PoshPatina and have worn the earrings I ordered from her a lot. Her prices are fabulous and the quality of the pieces is wonderful! (She is on vacation right now, but you should defintily check out her stuff when she gets back!)
Bow: PayLess, Earrings: Etsy, Necklace: Wal-Mart

A close up of the shoes, because they are awesome! Who doesn't love a sequined toe? Well besides my little sister Becca....she thinks sequins look, how shall we only something a lady of ill repute would wear.....I can't say that I agree, I love me some sparkles!! =)

My Mom and I fell in love with a skittles manicure on the JcPenny ad in the Sunday paper a week before Easter, between my collection and and few new colors my Mom bought we managed to have enough pastely cremes to do each toe a different color. I've had mine since Easter and LOVE it!