Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday, the official start of spring for me, it never really feels like spring until after Easter! We did the normal things, went to service (during which I DIDN'T have to work in the nursery!) and heard an truly amazing a-capella choir number (I love me some a-capella!) and was once again reminded of the sacrifice that my Lord and Savior made for me, and what good news that this is!!!

After we got home, we.....

..... hunted for Easter eggs.....

.....the kids re-hid the eggs for me. Sadly, it took me a long time and lots of overtly obvious hints to find them all!! And found this one to be cracked and oozing...hence the face! ;-)

 .....and then the kids hid them AGAIN for a family friend who came over 'cause most of his family is in Washington, so he came over and was entertained by our crazy antics for the afternoon!

.....then we ate ham, gaumy rice (A nickname for it, I'm not sure what the real name is.....but it's cheesy rice with all kinds of tasty veggies mixed in!) hot cross buns and lemon chiffon pie, which we only have at Easter, it's some kind of unfair rule or law or something, only having this most delicious pie once a year! =) 

You think with the hundreds of pictures the kids took of me hunting eggs there would have been a good outfit pic in there, but this is the best we've got!
Cardigan: Jc Penny, Cami: Jc Penny, Skirt: Made by me

...and how could I leave out one of the best parts.....

.....Rainbow Peeps on a stick!!
Yes Virginia, there IS a Santa Clause!! ;-)