Sunday, April 29, 2012

One Skirt.....Three Days....Day Three!

Last day! Kind of sad, but mostly happy, I've grown to like this skirt a bit more, but I still prefer my fuller skirts, much easier to sit and do things in modestly!!
Shirt: JcPenny, Belt: ShopKo, Skirt: Made by me

 Yet another somewhat awkward attempt at a detail does get them all in and plus it shows of the red lipstain I got yesterday!
Bracelet: ShopKo, Earrings: ShopKo, Necklace: Premier Designs, Lip Stain: Revlon Just Bitten in Gothic(I know, what  a lovely name, right?)

Shoes: Payless 

This is what happens when you are tired of smiling and.....well.....I guess there really is no decent explanation..... except if you are as random as me.....and have no real shame about posting pics of yourself on the internet! ;-)
It's a public service really.....I can't have to world feeling bad about themselves because they think I'm perfect and gorgeous all the time now can I? ;-)