Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring/Summer Bucket List

Saw this on Marie's Blog, thought I would steal her idea! These are things I know I can do before fall hits! At least they are things I can theoretically get done and back on track before fall to the actual completion and or doing of them might be another story entirely! ;-)

~The big and kind of all consuming one is moving 2,000 miles to Tennessee! 

~Run for 30 minutes without dying (I will do it, I will!)

~Host a blog giveaway/event

~Actually wear some the beautiful scarves I've collected (I always tank in the summer with them!)

~Start journaling the old fashioned way more. I used to be pretty faithful, but this darn digital age has made me become lazy and lax in the pen to paper journaling department!

~Read War and Peace.....(Yeah, sure.....maybe the third times the charm!)

~Get back on track with my quiet time with God (sadly, it's been a bit hit and miss lately!)

~Organize the complete and utter mess that my recipe self has become!

~Finish a cross stitch project I've been working in for about 8 years now *shame* Not constantly for 8 years mind you, it's just one of those things I'll pick up and work on feverishly for a few weeks then lose steam and tuck away for another year.....I only have some outlining and embellishing left, so it shouldn't take more then a few weeks.....

In other news.....

.....cookies goooooood.....

...Grimm, also good.....

.....Monroe, VERY good..... ;-)

.....The Lizzie Bennett Diaries, amazingly funny! Posted the first one HERE!