Friday, February 25, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday (Let's just pretend it's still Thursday, okay?)

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 ~The fact that my snow boots are the worst for collecting snow on the bottom. So, when I step inside I start skating like I'm in the ice capades (without the gracefulness or pretty costumes!)

~The administrator who works at the school, the kids I nanny go too. He stands outside the school and says the EXACT same thing to everyone who passes, Have a great day! While a nice sentiment, it is a little creepy that he never says anything else.....

~Poop filled pull ups and a diaper Gennie.....yeah, that needs NO explaining!

~Walking around the house with the back of your skirt tucked into your tights, that never happens to me, but it's happened twice in the past week....don't laugh! I know, you know it's sexy!

~The fact my little sis got accepted into the next round of ABNA!! (I almost put this in the awkward category as I tried last year and was DE-nied but decided to be a big girl and be happy for her.....okay, maybe that bits a work in progress!)

~Ordering an iced coffee when it's 10 degrees outside, yep, that's just how I roll! 

~That bad picture you have of your beautiful older sister hanging on your wall.....that just might make you feel a little better whenever you look at it.....sorry Megan! ;-)

~Having a hair style that you can sleep in and all you have to do the next day is make sure your bangs are halfway decent, I'm so lazy, it great!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Days 19-30 Plus ♥My Favorite Things♥

I've rather conveniently forgotten  about the music challenge for the last few days and as the questions from here on out are rather repetitive and I'm just plain tired of it, I will admit defeat and finish it all up today.....ready?

I like music, almost all kinds, rock, country, pop, oldies, crooners, soundtracks, Christian, instrumentals, indie bands.....about the only genre I don't follow is rap, I hate it when you can't understand the lyrics, the Christian rap is better, but it's still pretty bad! So there you have the next 2 weeks of posts in a nut shell!

♥My Favorite Things♥
This skirt, from Purple Moon Wang on eBay!

These earrings from Gabrielle Atelier on Etsy (I may be buying them as soon as I deposit my paycheck.....I might have bought them already except for yesterday being Presidents day the banks were closed!)

This necklace from Cute Ability on Esty, it's so cute! I love almost everything in her store, it's like she's in my head and making jewelry straight form my imagination!

This movie! I love Bolly Wood movies, they are beautiful with all of the bright colors and over the top musical numbers, not to mention the fact that they don't even kiss, so you are totally safe in that way too! Not that there is anything wrong with just kissing, but most of the time it doesn't stop there!

This song and video, if you look them up on you tube they have lots of fun how to type videos, like tying your bandanna like Rosie the Riveter and making home made caramels!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Our Father Who Art in Heaven.....

Our Father who art in heaven hallowed by thy name,
Thy Kingdom done, thy will be done,
On earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day, our daily bread,
Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us,
Lead me not in to temptation and deliver us from evil,

We talked about the Lord’s Prayer last night at bible study; this is the version I learned as a kid and it’s my favorite! As a good little ex-catholic (why is it I’ve referenced that so much lately? Something about discussing prayer it seems…..) I knew this one by heart by the time I was 5 or 6. I would say it along with Mary’s Prayer for my rosary. I would rush through it, trying to finish before my older sister, or say all ten Our Fathers in one breath, I was such a devote child!

If you’ve never actually taken the time to pray this prayer you need to! If you’ve ever seen Anne of Green Gables (Movie reference, that’s for you Ryan!) I share her enthusiasm for the beauty of this prayer and share her picture of lying in a field and just feeling the prayer, it sounds a little out there, but well worth it!

The woman who wrote last night’s excerpt was a devote Jew during the world wars and devoted to the cause of helping persecuted Jews. She learned about Christ and was interested in becoming a Christian, but didn’t want to accept Jesus as her savior for fear of marring her cause.(?) I was left unclear as to whether she ever took the plunge or not, but then again it also took me some time to figure out the writer was a she!

Simone broke the prayer down by sections and wrote about what each one really meant, while some of what she said was good, we were left wondering if some of her more off the wall ideas weren’t steaming from her background as a devote Jew. We did discover that the way she felt about the name of God did come from her Jewish background, a fellow bible study attendee was/is taking a Hebrew class and shared some of what he had learned. When they wrote the NAME of God, not his tittle or an attribute but the NAME of God they left the vowels out, adding in others, making a name they felt was respectful of God. Some even won’t use the modified version of His NAME unless reading the scriptures.

That struck me, as a fan of fantasy I’ve often read stories in which the real names of people are given special meaning and power, you didn’t tell anyone your real name because it would give them a hold over you, not that I think we would have power over God or anything, but the concept of the name we do not speak is one I’m very familiar with! Very fascinating, there is so much we modern Christian take for granted and far too casually sometimes!

As another member said, this writing seemed like an outline of something that was already a simplified outline of prayer and that’s how I felt about it too! Some good points, but mostly unneeded and often confusing explanation.

Now, I know your all on pins and needles as to whether I did my homework from last week (pray like I was dying) and need to know if I found my second chance/earthly mission! Finding a quite stretch of time was hard, so I just did it when I do my normal quite time, at night before I go to sleep. While I didn’t set the death time as it where to right after I said Amen, I did imagine that I was going to crash on the way to work the next morning, this was Monday night…..yeah, my timing is excellent, is it not? ;-)

I started by praying my normal prayers, but then my brain started racing, I’m not ready, there’s so much that I want to do and have happen (as a single 24 year girl you can guess what path these thoughts were taking!) I was not, am not ready to die! I tried to squash these fears, but they kept popping up! I felt horrible, as a Christian wasn’t I supposed to ready to go now, shouldn’t I rather die and be with Jesus then stay here on earth? I’m still feeling guilty over that one, I hear other people say they are ready for Jesus to come any moment and I feel like raising my hand and asking God to hold off for a few years yet…..

Ahem, anyway…..after a while, I managed to lock those fears away in their cupboard again (they get out more often then I care to admit, crafty little buggers!) When my mind stopped racing, this thought came from nowhere, take care of them.
I got excited, okay here it comes, something concrete and solid to work on, I’m ready God…..take care of them….. Um, okay, who?.....take care of them…..yeah, I got that, but WHO…..take care of them…..

I went back and forth like this for a while, but that was all, take care of them. I sighed, realizing that this was it and proceeded to stay awake for the next few hours mulling over what had just happened. Needless to say, I was rather disappointed that I didn’t turn out the way I’d hoped, but how can I stay disappointed for long? I feel God has spoken and whether or not it lines up with my imagined outcomes, I need to accept and keep praying and take care of them, whoever they may be! And driving in all that snow the next morning? Don’t even get me started on that…..I felt I’d practically invited the Grim reaper into the car with me! ;-)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Days 6 and 18

 .....of Ashley's Classy Fashion Week!

 Cardi~ Same as Monday
Cami~Jc Penny $3
Skirt~Made by me from an old dress also made by me
Boots~Naturalizer $140
Jewelry~Made by me


~A Song I Listen to When I Get Mad~

I love this song and around the time I got the cd a friend was having relationship problems so I imagined out a whole music video to this song with them in's nothing like the official video! I love the spy/dramatic feel it's got going on. I imagine big houses and diamonds, tuxes and evening gowns, fast get away cars and a lone scarf blown out of the heroines hand and as the final notes play it lands at the feet of the jerk who broke her heart! Ahem.....see I told you I had it all planned out!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Days 5 and 17

 .....of Ashley's Classy Fashion Week!
The girl I nanny says that my Mom is the nicest Mom because she lets me write on my hands. I don't know that she lets me per say.....she's just given up reminding me not too!

The sun!!!!!!!! This is just before I slipped and almost did a face plant off of the stairs, I'm really glad no one was there to see me doing my little dance! ;-)

I lurrv (That's for you Becca and Megan! I know how much you luurv it when I use "blog speak"!) the fullness of this skirt, it makes me feel twirly and fun!

I'd been wanting a denim shirt after seeing them around the blogiverse so I'd been keeping my eye out for one. I saw one on the Jc Penny clearance rack (the only one in there and it was my size!), but it was predistressed, you know, it already had worn spots and such. I though that this was the silliest thing ever, like I was going to pay $15 for something that already had holes in it!

I regretted not buying it as soon as I got home. A few months later I'm back to buy! I search through the clearance racks, they were having an all clearance $4.97 sale, so I didn't really expect to find it. But lo and behold on the exercise clearance rack in the xs-s section there she was! *Grin*
 Denim Shirt~Jc Penny $4.97
Cami~Jc Penny $5
Skirt~ Cold Water Creek via eBay, $10 Shortened considerably by me
Cow boy boots~Wal-Mart $17
Earrings~ Fred Myer, $8?

~A Song From my Favorite Album~
Is that big enough for you Becca? ;-)

Hmm, well first off I'm assuming they mean any cd/tape/record, 'cause albums to me are just records and things of that nature! Once again I have a hard time choosing, my favorites change about as often as my underwear (which is daily FYI!)! so I'll just pull one off of my favorites at the moment! If you've never seen Into the Woods you need too, they made a video of the Broadway show, it's my favorite musical.....for now! ;-)

These aren't the guys form the Broadway show, but I cant seem to find a video of the Broadway version, but these guys do an awesome job! You have to watch both, they are a total crack up!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Days 4 and 16

(Sooo, how does everyone like my sad attempt at bubble letters?)
.....of Ashley over at Bramblewood Fashions classy fashion week! 

Had to sneak a pic of THIS in here, it's finally cold enough to wear it again, yeah!

 Sweater~Day twos cream colored twin, Jc Penny$4.97
Shirt~Wal-Mart um....$5??
Skirt- Made by me from the Folk Wear walking skirt pattern (I promise it's green, the skirt that is, not the pattern! You can see the skirt color a little better in the jacket pic!)
Earrings-One pair from a set of three from Payless, $6

~A Song I wish I Heard on the Radio~
Anything Micheal Buble or Frank Sinatra or Elliot Yamin or She and Him or..... I think I may need to make my own station! Hey, speaking of, does anyone else love Pandora? You can make your own stations and customise any one station to play a number of different genres! Plus, it's completely free, there is just one commercial about every 5-6 songs. The only draw back? I can't figure out how to get it in my car! ;-)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Days 3 and 15

Congrats to the lovely Adalid (You all should head on over and check out her blog, Frocentral!)! It is Jack Black looking very unlike himself! If you would like the earrings just contact me with your mailing address! 

 ....of Ashely of Bramblewood Fashion's classy fashion week!

I was wearing a shorter brown skirt but it got super wet when I shoveled the driveway, yes still in my skirt and was very warm thank you.....oh yes, we got a foot of snow last night! I had quite a busy morning leading up to my snow day!

I left 20 minutes early to get to work and heard on the radio that there was a downed power line down on the main road I needed to take. I kept driving, hoping that it was cleared by the time that I got there. There was a cop parked in the middle of the road and he was talking to the person in the car in front of me and then just waved me on saying to follow the white car.

The part of town I nanny in is one main paved curvy road with a bunch of narrow winding dirt roads leading off of the main drag. I work on one of the only other paved roads! The white car and I were following a snow plow/cinder truck down a quickly narrowing road when THE SNOW PLOW GOT STUCK!

I tried to turn around but then I got stuck, the very nice snow plow man helped me get out and then I tried another way to get to work, but as the four wheel drive vehicles were all turning around I decided to head home! When I got home our power was out.....bah blah blah, lots of phone calls and frantic talking later their power was out too and the Dads boss told him not to bother coming into work. So, long story short, I got a snow day! 
 Sweater~ShopKo at least 3 years ago $12?
Cami~Jc Penny $3
Skirt~Made by me
Earrings~Made by me

~Day 15~

A song I hear often on the radio, hmm, all right I've got one! I love this song.....and he's pretty cute! ;-)

Monday, February 14, 2011

~Day Two~

 .....of Ashley's Kepping it Classy Week!

 Cardi~Jc Penny $4.97
Cami~Jc Penny $3
Skirt~Made by me
Boots~Naturalizer *Sigh* $140
Earrings and neclace~Made by me

I was reading an entertainment magazine.....I love them, yes I know, just let me indulge in peace.....and ran across this fellow. I was shocked when I read who exactly it was, any guesses?? If you are the first to guess correctly, you will win a pair of the heart earring shown above! Yes, I am bribing you into my obsession with things like this, hahahahaha!!!! ;-)

Pray Like You Are Dying

You know the song, Live Like You Were Dying? The idea has always stuck with me and I’ve thought about it a lot! My bible study lesson this week brought forth the idea to pray like you were dying. What would you pray for? How would the knowledge that at the end of this prayer you would die affect what you would pray for? I was a little taken aback at first and more than a little confused (alright and maybe a little judgmental.....hey I never said I was perfect) why on earth would anyone ever suggest we pretend that at the end of a prayer we would die? But after reading what Unknown had to say the concept has intrigued me greatly!

How would my prayers be affected? What would I pray for? Our fearless leader asked us all to try and think what we would pray for and like normal when I have no idea what to say, I got the raised eyebrow you go first head nod! When I have a good answer I never get the why don't you go fist nod, it's always when I'm unprepared!

Ahem, I digress…..after a few moments of clock ticking silence I realized what I would pray. Maybe it's my Catholic background, but the idea of a last confession seems like a good idea and praising God for His goodness and grace! But, the other people there all agreed with me, score one for the ex-Catholics, whoot whoot! ;-)

We were discussing this principle, when our habitually late group member comes in and me and the other groupies sit back and watch (somewhat gleefully on my part, because it was not my turn anymore!) him get asked the questions the rest of us had just answered. He was late this time because he’d been reading the lesson at the tea shop (not as froo froo as it sounds, it’s more like a hippie hang out, it smells so good in there!) and was following a train of thought none of the rest of us had come up with.

He told himself that someone had mixed the tea wrong and started praying “knowing” that at the end of this prayer he would die. For starters he said he would pray a lot longer (The bible does say to pray without ceasing!)

Confession was not the first thing that came to his mind, nor were regrets or redemption, it was more along the lines of what would happen to his unfinished works. The people he was ministering to and the like. He would pray for God to keep working in those people’s lives. Then he realized that while he was going to die and his work here on earth would be finished that God was in ultimate control and that while God could work through him that ultimately these people were in God’s hands and always had been.

Then his train of thought meandered to other stations along the line, all good thoughts, but it was the first stop that stuck with me. If I really buckled down and prayed like I was dying, what would come to my mind? What “unfinished works” would I think of?

I am a lover of second chances and you know what? He didn’t die there in the tea shop (obviously, right?) so those things he wrote down? He can act on them! And after I drag my sorry butt somewhere quiet (harder then it initially sounds for me right now!) and do my homework for this week, I can pray for God to guide and lead me to work on those situations, there is something I can do about it! The knowledge of this second chance of sort’s revealed to me, has already filled my heart with gladness!

Is this corny, my fierce love of second chances? You know what? I don’t really care! I have been praying ever since Thursday for that beautiful, sad little girl in the…..erm…..feminine hygiene isle at Wal-Mart, that if I missed my chance at something there that God would give me another moment with her, all I can do now is pray, but maybe one day….. Hopefully some of this makes sense and I hope you are inspired to pray like you were dying as well! =)

Day 14~A Song that I Used to Love but Now Hate

I liked this song when it first came out, but the more I heard it the more it bugged me, the sentiments are rather insulting to men when you listen to and actually process the words instead of just mindlessly singing along! And they played it to DEATH, it seemed like I heard it at least 3-4 times a day!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

~Day 1~

Welcome to Keeping it Classy Fashion Week! It's being hosted by the lovely Ashley over at Bramblewoodfashion, go check it out!

Dress- Apt 9 from eBay, $1.99
Cami-Jc Penny $3
Tights and Shoes- Wal-Mart $5 each
Earrings- Hallmark $17
Necklace- Church rummage sale, $1 

The earrings jingle softly when ever I move my head, I love them! The necklace is a real aspen leaf, don't ask me how they made it, I just know it used to be a real leaf!

Day 13~A Song that Describes Me

'nough said!

 You Will Carry Me
By: Shannon Wexelberg

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 12~A Song No One Would Expect You to Love

Hmm, this is a hard one as I like wide range of music! I know that as a country music fan I am in a minority where I live and that lots of my Christian friends are surprised I like country even though they listen to rock and and other genres besides Christan music! But for some reason country has a bad rap around these here parts! In my opinion besides Christian it's the next genre in line to mention God the most(in a good light that is!)

Anywhoodle (that's for you Becca!) back to the subject.....Captain and Tennille would be one of the more surprising additions to my music collection! Love this song and most anything else these two have done!

I also like one by John Denver, whom has been on the receiving end of many a mock of mine, he is not one of my favorite artists! My initial fascination with this song may have been the fact it was on a record of my Mom's and I loved playing the records! I've never seen this video before, it makes me like the song even more, I love the Muppets!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 11~A Song that is a Guilty Pleasure

Since the term "junk in my trunk" readily applies to me, I've always liked songs that.....erm.....celebrate it?  They are a guilty pleasure and this is one of my favorites!! It does not say slap your Grandma, it's slap your grin off, but I still sing it sing it slap your Grandma, it more fun that way!

This is the chipmunked version of this song! =)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 10~A Song from a Band that I Hate

I've never gotten the hype about about the Beatles. My Mom always sings this song, with the words she thinks their singing, which actually make more sense then what they are actually saying!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 9-A Song from a Band that I Love

*Sigh* Okay, this seemed like a good challenge when I started, but I'm getting a wee bit bored with it now.....

Does two people count as a band? I guess since it's my blog I can say yes, two people count as a band! I love this video! Sad enough to say, this is the only song I like off of their new cd, which I paid $13 for, bummer right?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 8~A Song that Makes Me Fall Asleep

I could take this one of two ways, an incredibly boring song, or one that helps me relax and fall asleep! I'm going with both options!

First up the worlds most boring theme song. It does manage to convey a lot of emotion and does capture the feeling of the show quite well for only being 9 seconds long! We just finished watching all 6 seasons, and I have to say it's my new favorite show! I can be in love with a show but if they end it badly I will never want to watch it again, lets just say I'm putting the Lost DVD set on my X~Mas list this year! ;-)

The Star Wars theme song must make me sleepy. I will readily admit to never being able to make it past the sand planet.....I've bee told that that is still in the first 20 minutes.....oops! So the theme song must be the best lullaby ever!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 7~A Song I Can Dance Too

This is assuming I can dance.....anyway here are a few of the songs I love to "dance" too!

Hmm, it appears he "dances" about as well as I do.....

Favorite Movies

Ellie over at is hosting a favorite things link up! head on over and link up, today's theme is movies.=)

Here are three of my favorite movies, not in any particular order!


~Sherlock Holmes (2009)~


1. They are all on my favorites list
2. The costumes in all of them alone are worth watching the movies for.
3. I love the hair of the main guys in movies one and two, not so much in three!

1. Two PG 13 one PG
2. One is a romantic comedy, one is an action adventure movie and the other is a kids movie
3. Only one had a sequel (well soon it will have a sequel!)

Thoughts on the BIG Prayers

In a bible study I am in we are talking about prayer, I won't go into the details, but my fellow bible study attendee asked this; is there any point to praying? God already knows our needs and wants, is there really a point?

We (When I say we, I mean everyone else not including me; I just listen and join in mentally. I am terribly smart, witty and a great my head) debated back and forth about this for a while, not coming to much of a concession; if you've been around this group for any length of time you find this is often the case, beyond yes of course there is a point, we just aren't exactly sure what it is, pretty much God can do whatever he wants! I love listening to these people talk back and forth; it's fascinating and rather enlightening!

Any way back to the subject at hand.....In the midst of this conversation (specifically, do we pray for the BIG prayers like peace on earth, because if those don’t get answered it won’t seem like we’ve failed. Unlike when we ask for let’s say, the healing of a head cold and we are still sick and we’ve feel like we’ve failed etc. etc. etc.) one thought really stuck out to me, I’ve played with it before, but it never really came to fruition until tonight.

Why do we pray for the BIG things? I mean, will God really bring America back to her Christian roots or bring peace to the Middle East because I KatySue of Bend Oregon prayed for it to happen? Or should I focus on praying for smaller, more attainable goals, like peace for my family and maybe if I’m feeling especially spunky I’ll throw in a revival for our town?

Now, put away the pitchforks and the torches and hear me out! I know we are commanded to pray for the BIG things and it even says to pray for peace for Jerusalem, that’s in the Middle East (Who says I don’t know my geography? So what if I didn’t connect Egypt being in Africa, hence the Nile River also being located in Africa, until I was in my teens… late teens)

Here comes the part where my overactive imagination kicks in, I know that when we pray for the BIG things we are meaning the whole of America, or the Middle East, but what if our prayers for peace in the Middle East bring peace to one person, or one family that live there? What of our prayer for America to come back to Christian roots helps bring one man to salvation? What if our prayers for the BIG things are being answered, but just not in the way we expect?

Please, if I am totally unbiblical in my thinking here let me know, but I have had this idea floating around for a while, but it really solidified for me today during bible study. I was asked just before we closed if I had anything to add and I almost said something about this thought, but I didn’t, didn’t want to seem foolish I guess. This does seem like a rather random idea, but I’m thinking extensively about it anyway!

So, I’m taking a baby step of redemption and sharing it now! If you think I’m off of my nut, think I’m a genius or just feel ambivalent about the whole thing, let me know! I really do need to know if I’m thinking is going totally against what God says! If you’ve made it this far I applaud you and give you permission to eat a cookie! =)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 6~ A Song I Know All of the Words to

I have a confession to make.....the only songs I know all of the words too are kids songs. Like Ring Around the Rosy, This is the Song That Never Ends and the like. There are grown up songs I know most of the words too, but not all!

A friend recently posted this on Face Book and I can't stop watching it!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 5~A Song that Reminds me of a Certain Event

My family used to put on civil war era balls. We all dressed up in hoop skirts (Super fun! If you've never tried one on, you need to add it to your bucket list!) and square danced. We did about 5 of them and at the last one we had over 300 hundred people in attendance!

What does any of this have to do with Phantom of the Opera? Well, I had just gotten the sound track for the movie (Yes, I know Gerard Butler isn't a classical opera singer, but I he is my favorite Phantom anyway!) and we had it BLARING on the sound system while we were setting up. Nobody was supposed to show up for at least 30 minutes so we thought we could finish listening to I Remember/Stranger Then You Dreamt It.

It had just gotten to the part where the phantom starts singing, you know, yelling all kinds of fun things and sounding all angry. We suddenly notice the door is open and there is a little older lady all dressed up like a war widow, just standing there, shock on her face. We all just look at each other for a moment as the phantom rails on. I come to me senses, hike up my hoops and run for the stereo. I turn it off as my Mom goes to greet or somewhat shell shocked guest. Every time I hear this song I am taken back to that ball and all the fun we had before it had even started!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 4~A Song that Reminds You of Somewhere

A soft, warm, salt scented breeze blows gently and caresses the back of your neck. You close your eyes and turn your face up towards the sun, smiling as you feel it's rays warming your face. You suddenly open your eyes and race towards the blue foamy surf and as you jump over the crest of a wave you.....

.....Are about as far away from where today's song takes me as possible! There is one song that takes me back to a certain time in my life more then any other. The Coffee Song by Frank Sinatra. I had just discovered my love of Frankie and listened to his cd over and over the distract myself from the overwhelming nausea I was feeling. Now every time I throw up (Which if you ask my family is a lot. I am a bit of an epic barf-er!) I here this song in my head the whole time and every time time I hear it it makes me feel vaguely nauseous!

Not the most picturesque or romantic picture in the world, but it's the song that most strongly reminds me of somewhere, unfortunately that place includes my head in a toilet bowl.....

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 3~A Song that Reminds You of Someone

Now, don't be mad Megan.....but this ones about you!

My older sister is always saying she's unattractive (so not true) and when ever the song She Don't Know Shes' beautiful came on we'd say how much it reminded us of her. Then one time when I was listening to it I remarked about how the girl in the song must be stupid (yes, I'm that mature!) because if she was getting that much attention, how could she not know she was pretty.....
Um sorry Megan.....

Now she fumes and I laugh whenever this song comes on the radio!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


This picture is in my Mary Englebright (love, love, love, her!) planner and I fell in love with it! The clothes, his and hers, the setting, the colors, her hair bow, the guy..... I want to try and recreate her outfit, and don't foresee to many problems.....It's recreating the man that's going to be tough!

Day Two~ A Happy Song and a Sad Song

This one is easier then yesterday! I'm posting a song that makes me happy and a song that makes me sad, I'll leave it to you to decide which song is which! ;-)

~Zombie Jamboree~

~You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You~

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day One~My Favorite and Least Favorite Song

Uh oh.....all of you who were around when I did the last 30 day challenge will know how hard of a time I have picking just one favorite of anything! But, here we go!

~Least Favorite~

My Funny Valentine

Maybe I just don't get it or maybe I need to lighten up but I am seriously confused as to why this is one of the most famous love songs! Could it be I'm missing the point and it's really ironic? I don't know, but any enlightenment on the subject would be welcomed!=)


Um, I should know this, bare with me for a it! I don't.....

There are so many excellent songs out there for different moods and different weather, different times of the day and how happy (or annoyed!) I am!

Sesh, I think I'm just going to make a list and back in a second.....

The winner is.....Our Song by Taylor Swift! Hmm, I've never seen the video before, it's cute! I am seriously in love with that pink phone of hers!