Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Days 19-30 Plus ♥My Favorite Things♥

I've rather conveniently forgotten  about the music challenge for the last few days and as the questions from here on out are rather repetitive and I'm just plain tired of it, I will admit defeat and finish it all up today.....ready?

I like music, almost all kinds, rock, country, pop, oldies, crooners, soundtracks, Christian, instrumentals, indie bands.....about the only genre I don't follow is rap, I hate it when you can't understand the lyrics, the Christian rap is better, but it's still pretty bad! So there you have the next 2 weeks of posts in a nut shell!

♥My Favorite Things♥
This skirt, from Purple Moon Wang on eBay!

These earrings from Gabrielle Atelier on Etsy (I may be buying them as soon as I deposit my paycheck.....I might have bought them already except for yesterday being Presidents day the banks were closed!)

This necklace from Cute Ability on Esty, it's so cute! I love almost everything in her store, it's like she's in my head and making jewelry straight form my imagination!

This movie! I love Bolly Wood movies, they are beautiful with all of the bright colors and over the top musical numbers, not to mention the fact that they don't even kiss, so you are totally safe in that way too! Not that there is anything wrong with just kissing, but most of the time it doesn't stop there!

This song and video, if you look them up on you tube they have lots of fun how to type videos, like tying your bandanna like Rosie the Riveter and making home made caramels!