Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day One~My Favorite and Least Favorite Song

Uh oh.....all of you who were around when I did the last 30 day challenge will know how hard of a time I have picking just one favorite of anything! But, here we go!

~Least Favorite~

My Funny Valentine

Maybe I just don't get it or maybe I need to lighten up but I am seriously confused as to why this is one of the most famous love songs! Could it be I'm missing the point and it's really ironic? I don't know, but any enlightenment on the subject would be welcomed!=)


Um, I should know this, bare with me for a second.....ahha.....got it!.....Wait.....no I don't.....

There are so many excellent songs out there for different moods and different weather, different times of the day and how happy (or annoyed!) I am!

Sesh, I think I'm just going to make a list and point.....be back in a second.....

The winner is.....Our Song by Taylor Swift! Hmm, I've never seen the video before, it's cute! I am seriously in love with that pink phone of hers!