Thursday, February 17, 2011

Days 5 and 17

 .....of Ashley's Classy Fashion Week!
The girl I nanny says that my Mom is the nicest Mom because she lets me write on my hands. I don't know that she lets me per say.....she's just given up reminding me not too!

The sun!!!!!!!! This is just before I slipped and almost did a face plant off of the stairs, I'm really glad no one was there to see me doing my little dance! ;-)

I lurrv (That's for you Becca and Megan! I know how much you luurv it when I use "blog speak"!) the fullness of this skirt, it makes me feel twirly and fun!

I'd been wanting a denim shirt after seeing them around the blogiverse so I'd been keeping my eye out for one. I saw one on the Jc Penny clearance rack (the only one in there and it was my size!), but it was predistressed, you know, it already had worn spots and such. I though that this was the silliest thing ever, like I was going to pay $15 for something that already had holes in it!

I regretted not buying it as soon as I got home. A few months later I'm back to buy! I search through the clearance racks, they were having an all clearance $4.97 sale, so I didn't really expect to find it. But lo and behold on the exercise clearance rack in the xs-s section there she was! *Grin*
 Denim Shirt~Jc Penny $4.97
Cami~Jc Penny $5
Skirt~ Cold Water Creek via eBay, $10 Shortened considerably by me
Cow boy boots~Wal-Mart $17
Earrings~ Fred Myer, $8?

~A Song From my Favorite Album~
Is that big enough for you Becca? ;-)

Hmm, well first off I'm assuming they mean any cd/tape/record, 'cause albums to me are just records and things of that nature! Once again I have a hard time choosing, my favorites change about as often as my underwear (which is daily FYI!)! so I'll just pull one off of my favorites at the moment! If you've never seen Into the Woods you need too, they made a video of the Broadway show, it's my favorite musical.....for now! ;-)

These aren't the guys form the Broadway show, but I cant seem to find a video of the Broadway version, but these guys do an awesome job! You have to watch both, they are a total crack up!