Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Days 3 and 15

Congrats to the lovely Adalid (You all should head on over and check out her blog, Frocentral!)! It is Jack Black looking very unlike himself! If you would like the earrings just contact me with your mailing address! 

 ....of Ashely of Bramblewood Fashion's classy fashion week!

I was wearing a shorter brown skirt but it got super wet when I shoveled the driveway, yes still in my skirt and was very warm thank you.....oh yes, we got a foot of snow last night! I had quite a busy morning leading up to my snow day!

I left 20 minutes early to get to work and heard on the radio that there was a downed power line down on the main road I needed to take. I kept driving, hoping that it was cleared by the time that I got there. There was a cop parked in the middle of the road and he was talking to the person in the car in front of me and then just waved me on saying to follow the white car.

The part of town I nanny in is one main paved curvy road with a bunch of narrow winding dirt roads leading off of the main drag. I work on one of the only other paved roads! The white car and I were following a snow plow/cinder truck down a quickly narrowing road when THE SNOW PLOW GOT STUCK!

I tried to turn around but then I got stuck, the very nice snow plow man helped me get out and then I tried another way to get to work, but as the four wheel drive vehicles were all turning around I decided to head home! When I got home our power was out.....bah blah blah, lots of phone calls and frantic talking later their power was out too and the Dads boss told him not to bother coming into work. So, long story short, I got a snow day! 
 Sweater~ShopKo at least 3 years ago $12?
Cami~Jc Penny $3
Skirt~Made by me
Earrings~Made by me

~Day 15~

A song I hear often on the radio, hmm, all right I've got one! I love this song.....and he's pretty cute! ;-)