Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 12~A Song No One Would Expect You to Love

Hmm, this is a hard one as I like wide range of music! I know that as a country music fan I am in a minority where I live and that lots of my Christian friends are surprised I like country even though they listen to rock and and other genres besides Christan music! But for some reason country has a bad rap around these here parts! In my opinion besides Christian it's the next genre in line to mention God the most(in a good light that is!)

Anywhoodle (that's for you Becca!) back to the subject.....Captain and Tennille would be one of the more surprising additions to my music collection! Love this song and most anything else these two have done!

I also like one by John Denver, whom has been on the receiving end of many a mock of mine, he is not one of my favorite artists! My initial fascination with this song may have been the fact it was on a record of my Mom's and I loved playing the records! I've never seen this video before, it makes me like the song even more, I love the Muppets!!