Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Days 4 and 16

(Sooo, how does everyone like my sad attempt at bubble letters?)
.....of Ashley over at Bramblewood Fashions classy fashion week! 

Had to sneak a pic of THIS in here, it's finally cold enough to wear it again, yeah!

 Sweater~Day twos cream colored twin, Jc Penny$4.97
Shirt~Wal-Mart um....$5??
Skirt- Made by me from the Folk Wear walking skirt pattern (I promise it's green, the skirt that is, not the pattern! You can see the skirt color a little better in the jacket pic!)
Earrings-One pair from a set of three from Payless, $6

~A Song I wish I Heard on the Radio~
Anything Micheal Buble or Frank Sinatra or Elliot Yamin or She and Him or..... I think I may need to make my own station! Hey, speaking of, does anyone else love Pandora? You can make your own stations and customise any one station to play a number of different genres! Plus, it's completely free, there is just one commercial about every 5-6 songs. The only draw back? I can't figure out how to get it in my car! ;-)