Friday, February 18, 2011

Days 6 and 18

 .....of Ashley's Classy Fashion Week!

 Cardi~ Same as Monday
Cami~Jc Penny $3
Skirt~Made by me from an old dress also made by me
Boots~Naturalizer $140
Jewelry~Made by me


~A Song I Listen to When I Get Mad~

I love this song and around the time I got the cd a friend was having relationship problems so I imagined out a whole music video to this song with them in's nothing like the official video! I love the spy/dramatic feel it's got going on. I imagine big houses and diamonds, tuxes and evening gowns, fast get away cars and a lone scarf blown out of the heroines hand and as the final notes play it lands at the feet of the jerk who broke her heart! Ahem.....see I told you I had it all planned out!