Sunday, September 6, 2009

Munch N' Movies

I finally made it to one of the movies in the park! The first one I was gone and the second one it rained and they cancelled it! It was Twilight, yes I am a fan. The books are way better but they did an okay job on the movie.

Hmmmmm, kettle corn!
Ummm, what can I say about this?=)

Frozen banana, yum! But very, very messy.

Trying to throw and catch popcorn. I've got the throwing part down, now I've just to work on the catching. Becca (pictured) is the best at it!

The screen, and it appears I caught Megan in mid chew. Smile Megan!!

Next week is the last one, Kung Foo Panda. So, sad it mean summers officailly over.=(