Friday, September 11, 2009


I'm admit to completely forgetting what today was besides the Friday before my sisters bridal shower for 30 people! Then when I logged on this morning I was cruising around the net before the hectic day begun and when I got here and saw a good friend's posts about 9/11. I was very surprised. What? The radio DJ didn't say anything, the news paper didn't have anything, the websites I had gone to hadn't said anything about it.

Have we really forgotten what happened that day? Have we forgotten the lives lost? The sacrifices made? The promise we all made to our selves to help our government make sure nothing like this could ever happen again? Have we forgotten the God we all turned to in our country's hour of need? The answer to these questions is a resounding yes!

Some haven't forgotten, but their brave voices are being drowned out by the cries of, CHANGE! PEACE! Bring our troops home. Why did we even start this war in the first place?

Um, hello!? Why!? Why did we go over there in the first place? Remember where you were when you found out what was going on. In school? At work? In the car? In bed? How did it feel to turn on the TV, hear it on the radio, get a call from a panic stricken friend. Remember how you felt, the thoughts running through your head," This can't be happening! We live in America, things like this can't and don't happen here!" But, my dear friends it could and it did.

The best thing we could do to honor this day is to remember and pray. Remember how we felt and what we said we would do, and pray that this country would get back on track and rally around each other and our God like we did after this day 8 years ago.