Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Life as the MOHO

My sister and I had always said that we would be each others Maids of Honor. Whoever got married second would have to find some one else to be the "maid". In movies and books the list of duties is long and rather varied, here are the ten duteis I have as MOHO!.

1: Wedding dress(check)
While I didn't get to see Megan on one of those pedestals in a mirrored room, I still helped out with the dress. It's all done now, all sewn and hanging up in her room. That was an experience! Beads flying everywhere and all the machines that touched it throwing up and breaking!

2: Helping her make decisions(check)
She got really annoyed during this one, when ever we'd mention something she'd just say I don't know! Then I'd tell her she has to know, she'd get mad then she would come up with a choice. This one was kind of hard to marry(hehe, marry!) with the next one......

3: Be happy and cheerful about everything the bride wants(kind of check!)
What if the bride won't make a choice and you have to a little mean to get her to make a decision? What if the bride gets cold and you were honestly worried about her being uncomfortable? I did try to be as nice as possible, but I am only human after all....=)

4: Look unfortunate in the "beautiful" dress the bride has chosen to make her look even hotter then usual(check! But, it's not the dress, I achieve that one naturally!)
The dresses she picked out for us to make are pretty and the look good on all of us! Score one for Bridezilla(she calls herself that, I'm not being mean here!)

5: Throw her parties: shower and bachelorette(check)
The shower and the bachelorette party went off rather well. All had a good time and we even got embarrassing video for Shawn to see after all is said and done!

6: Help with favors, flowers, buying decorations etc etc etc(check, check, and check)
The favors are finished as of Sunday night, the flowers are being ordered and the decorations are all bought. Now we just need to set them all up, and we can't exactly do that part yet!

7: Wedding Day duties(no check yet!)
I will fluff her veil, take pictures during the bride prep time. Stand next to her as she begins this next chapter in her life, tearing up and holding her flowers. I will pose for countless pictures even though I look rather odd on film, though that will help with number four!

8: Reception speech(not sure about this one yet!)
I'd never heard of the MOHO giving a toast; at all of the countless wedding I've attended of coarse............ If she wants me to give a speech I will, but I am not the type to make people cry, so it would have to make them laugh! Not about her in a mean way of coarse, but I just can't be sentimental; it comes off as weird when I try. I was told no and received shudders when I mentioned this before, so I'm thinking she doesn't want to hand me a mike!

9: Participate in the bouquet toss
There are some real contenders at this point, so well see If I even get close. I was never good at 500!

10: Cry buckets and throw rice(or bird seed in her case) at her and Shawn as they leave. Help decorate the "get away" car
I will be all over this one, I might even throw in a shoe for good luck! So far we've been told to keep it pretty tame with the car decorating but when Mark gets involved........who knows(hehe)