Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries

I have had the same apron for three years now and it was literally falling apart. So, I had to throw it way after putting up with the foot long holes and the skirt falling off of the waist band. The burn marks on the front made me realize I need to watch my self a little closer when I'm by the stove! Yikes!

I morned for a little while then set about making a new one! It's from a pattern my Mom and I made from another apron we liked. It was narrow and because I'm a "butt wiper"; my term for wiping my hands on my rear leaving finger smudges on an area I don't really want any attention brought to!(hehe) I made it a fuller skirt by adding another panel. The bodice is a double layer to prevent spills from soaking through and the edging is double fold wide bias tape.

I love cherries!