Friday, September 18, 2009

Gullible Ol' Me

If you look the word gullible up in the dictionary you will find my picture there! My first remembrance of that word was when a cousin told me that the word gullible wasn't in the dictionary. I was about 11 or 12 at the time and had to ask what gullible meant. She told, and I still was all confused as to why they wouldn't have a word in the dictionary. As I was puzzling this out the others in the room started laughing and my older sister took pity on me and told me the joke.

That was when I first realized that I was pretty much the definition of that word. I used to get upset but over the years I've gotten used to it. It's fun to make people laugh. Besides I'd much rather be over trusting then cynical and not trust anything anybody said. Here a a few examples of the things I've been lead to believe over the years.

I was sitting in a Mexican restaurant with some friends; we'd jut gotten done singing at an old folks home. We were talking about sweet and sour sauce and how they made it(why we were talking about sweet and sour sauce in a Mexican restaurant, I'm not sure!) and one of the older guys said that he knew! "They make it by grinding up whole kumquats. The skin is sour, the flesh is sweet and the whole things is orange so there's your color!" I was amazed and started going on and on about how neat that was. When the guy over heard me going on about it he turned bright red and started apologizing all over the place. "I never meant for you to believe me, I'm so sorry........." for about 3 minutes. Sorry about what? That I'm an idiot? To this day the sight of kumquats makes me and my sister crack up!

At a collage group the leader and a couple of the other guys were talking about a performer who was coming to Bend the next Thursday. One guy was saying how neat he was and that he could play the guitar really well. I was half listening to the conversation and stopped following it at that point. The when I heard one of the girls start to say,"Really? No way! That's so cool!" I started listening again. "Yeah," the leader said,"there are Siamese twin brothers that play the guitar. They only have two hands so they one guy strums and the other guy does the cords!" Now me and two of the other girls were trying to picture this in our heads, the other guys were all agreeing saying how cool it was and so on and so forth. Then they could no longer hold it in, they all started laughing and wheezing and us girls were left feeling a little foolish. Though I totally think that would be awesome, the whole Siamese guitar player thing!

And the latest, a friend posted on his blog about the new church he's going to. He'd gone to help out at their MS(middle school) group and had meet Honis Jonas, the oldest Jonas brother. He'd lead a game, something about chocolate pudding and diapers(not something I'm thinking about to hard!) I thought that that was very neat! I knew that the Harris's had lived in Sisters(the I Kissed Dating Good Bye author and his family) so an older not famous Jonas brother didn't seem out of reach. I was telling my family about what this friend had posted on his blog and when I got to the Honis Jonas part my Mom stopped me and said,"What? No way! Honis? Who would name their kid that?" "Yeah, I said. Tim said he met him!" "No!" older sister says, "There's only the three Jonas brothers....." This conversation went on for a while until I finally went down stairs to prove them wrong. I goggled Honis Jonas and guess what came up first? Yep, you guessed it, Tim's blog! There is no older Jonas brother named Honis.

Oh well! Life goes on and I will still believe most anything you tell me! As our music pastor Mark Sue put it," It's not gullible, it's trusting." His wife was one of the girls trying to picture the Siamese guitar player along with me!=)