Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Modern Anne

This is Day four of Anne of Green Gables fashion week!

Sad enough to say, I have lots of clothes that would inspire thoughts of Anne in my winter wardrobe, but those touches never have made it into my summer one. Humph, and I am far to lazy to unpack my winter clothes and far to fond of not roasting in my sweaters and long wool skirts!!

Then I found this shirt, it has little puffed sleeves, a mandarin collar and a lace yoke. How perfect, right? Now, the old synapses have started to fire once more and "someone" has a stiff back from hunching like Quasimodo all day because the reason this shirt was in the *I need to make it over* pile was because of some length shrinkage issues! *Sigh* But, it's Anne fashion week gosh darn it and I wanted to participate! Now excuse me while I go and put on a knee length shirt and make dinner!! 

Are my legs really that pale, compared to my arms? Gosh, here I thought the * I know! Let's not put sunblock on them and roast them every time we were outside* plan was working, apparently not! =P

The earrings I wore today, they are decidedly Anne-y to me, probably because of the color and pearls. I love making earrings like this, you buy them complete; except for the earring hooks. You then go home, spend a minute putting on some earring hooks and then bam! Every time someone asks you where you got the beautiful earrings you can say,I made them and watch their eyes bug out..... wait, that's not bad is it?? hehe ;)