Friday, July 23, 2010

Day Six~A Moment You Wish You Could Relive

I've seen this day done two ways, a moment you want to change and a moment that was so wonderful you want to experience it all over again. Maybe I'm odd, but there isn't really a moment I would do either with. All of the mistakes I've made have made me a better person and as for reliving a wonderful moment, my memories are way better then the actual event, so why go back and mess them up?

There is one day that I almost want to go back and change, but it was such a wonderful/horrible day that I don't  want to go back and change anything. The bad thing, while heart wrenching was something I needed VERY much and even the good part was tinged in nervousness and butterflies the size of pick up trucks in my stomach!

I am a worrier and used to drive myself nuts wanting to change the past and know the future. Over the years I've learned that God is in control and no longer worry about what's happened in the past. Now if I could just stop worrying about my future.....=)

"Tomorrow is a mystery, yesterday is history, but today is a gift. That's why they call it the present!"