Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day Eight~A Thank You Letter to Someone Who Changed Your Life

I am horrible at things like this, *deep breath* but here we go!

Dear Person Who Has Changed My Life,
    From the very first moment I met you, you have been influencing me. From what I wear, to what I watch and listen to, you are always there in the back of my head telling me how to be a better person. I've resisted, yes, even fought with words and stubbornness, but you always prevailed. Even when I already know what your opinion is going to be, even if I know you'll not like whatever it is, I still need to know what you think. So, Thank you, for putting up with me, for telling me the truth, sugar coated when necessary. For listening to my endless rantings about how they always put mayo and onions on things when I've ordered them off. Thank you for loving me, for being my best friend, I love you Mom!