Monday, July 12, 2010

Easy Hairstick tutoial

Hi Girls! (Or boys if any have come across this!) For day two of the ANNE OF GREEN GABLES FASHION WEEK I've done a hair tutorial. I have always loved Anne's hair, who hasn't wanted her beautiful red hair at one point or another? Except other red heads of course.=)

As much as I tried I could never get my hair an elegant and Anne like bun. Alas, my hair would have to be down to my tail bone before the length would wrap around enough to tuck under the ends. I guess just like red heads everybody but the people "blessed" with super thick hair want thick hair!

I had hair down to about 4-5 inches above my tail bone, but lower back length curly hair was just to much darn work! So, I got it cut above my shoulders and now have hair out past my shoulders.....bad idea! Anyway, I was messing around with my hair and came up with this, a super easy bun tutorial that will work on almost every kind of hair.

I know that my hair is straight in the video, but it's been super hot, so I've been avoiding the hair dryer and just washing and throwing my hair up in a pony tail using one of THESE super cute, yes, super expensive, barrettes. But, it hold up all of my hair, comfortably all day and has lasted for three years, I say that's worth the $21 I paid for it!

If your hair is longer then mine you can wrap the extra hair around the bun and secure with a hair pin or pull through that last time with the ends on top so the cascade down over the bun. That's what I'll do when my hair gets longer!=)

I really want one of these HAIR DAGGERS but my Mom said she wouldn't let me wear it out of the house, to scary! Besides no matter how cool $80 is to much for a hair accessory! Maybe you could make a wooden one, or dull a sword letter opener. You can accessorise your bun with flowers, feathers, ribbon, anything really I just couldn't find anything that I like! Have a great day!=)

I would love to see this on other peoples hair, so take pics and send me a link if you try it! Also if you have any questions just leave a comment,. You can see what's going on a little better if you make it full screen! 

All you need is a hair elastic(I use the thick non metal parts kind) and a hair stick.