Saturday, May 2, 2009

May Day

My family started to celebrate May Day after I read about it in a book. I bothered my Mom enough and we started giving out May baskets about 5 to 6 years ago. Now the whole family loves it and we have fun every year. Here are some of the things we've learned.

1. When making the may baskets start before 10pm the night before May day!

2. Adding water to the jars is NOT an option when the candy is already in the jars (Go ahead and ask me how I found that one out!)

3. A giant red 15 passenger van is the most stealthy car in the world! Nobody can see us we are the blend masters!

4. Kids are prone to be tired at 6am, so making them run around outside in the dark holding glass jars is a wonderful idea.

5. Barking dogs sound much louder at 6am, though they do make the kids run back to the car much quicker.

6. When you've been spotted out of the front window dropping to the ground and army crawling to the front porch is probably not the most subtle way to avoid further detection(But does that stop us? Nope, the army crawl is here to stay!)

7. When you have a long driveway to go down ducking your heads in the car so it appears to be driving it self is a sure fire way to make the man innocently eating his breakfast; at the table right in front of the window, with a perfect view of his 1/4 mile long drive, not wonder what on earth the Pillsburys are doing now!

8. And the final thing we've learned is have fun and always use your oldest sister as the May Pole!